Everything is for sale… even Demo the Noise Dog!



demo-shirt-gif Have you ever been out and about and thought to yourself “Dang I wish everyone looking at me right now knew about my FAVORITE ST. PETE NON-PROFIT GALLERY/VENUE!”??  Well, despair no more, because now you can put The Venture Compound on your body!  Get ready to hear “where did you get that shirt” and “oh man I love that show” EVERY DAY!


All original artwork displayed at The Venture Compound is for sale, and 100% of the sale goes to the artist!  Most art shown is priced at under $50, and we strive to keep art affordable for the community while also supporting young and/or noncommercial artists that don’t have a place anywhere else.  Art can be viewed and purchased in person either by appointment or during shows and events, so keep an eye on our event calendar and facebook feed.

Art by Emmy Lou from their 2014 solo show, Figure Man


Demo the Noise Dog

Demo Vance

$1,000,000.00 (obo)